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Music is made to produce melodies and sounds which creates certain warmth and calmness by using any form of device, well this musical device is no different. This musical device is called the ‘Hangdrum’.



When the topic musical instruments come up, we are always familiar with the piano, trumpet, guitar and even tuba but what we are not familiar with is the hangdrum. This is circular shaped instrument with peculiar dent-like holes around it helps to produce a different and smoothening musical tone when played.

The hangdrum is an interesting instrument which gives off a variety of particular tones and sounds, making it one of a kind.


Design and Materials


A hangdrum has a circular shape, which also possess dents to help produce a particular or different tone. It is structural designed into two layers, the upper and lower part. The upper called being ‘ding’; produces a sound similar to that of a bell, and the lower part called ‘Gu’ giving off a sharp and higher sound.

Due to this fact that the hangdrum is a musical instrument, it is bound to go through a lot of usage my musical artists and this leaves it open to gradual deterioration. A hangdrum is to be made from proper material to avoid any form of long term damage; proper steels are a suitable solution for this purpose as it strong and durable. The thickness of the material is also an important factor as it should help withstand the test of time.


Applications and Uses


The hangdrum performs the job of produce a different and interesting sound, hangdrums are a new kind of musical instrument, not very popular worldwide but can still be found in modern musical environments. Avery frequent and regular place the hangdrum can be found is on the street, not as a forgotten or lost item, but as part of instruments used by street performers. This is actually more regular place where the hangdrum is often used.

Hangdrums are also used in bands, special orchestras to produce a special kind of sound which complements the flow of music. A hangdrum based on its design and shape usually produces a combination of different sounds and tones, which when applied in a band produce a magnificent harmony.
A hangdrum is a very pricy and valuable collector item, it is known as a hobby for some and just a form pride and adoration for other collectors.


Purchasing and Shipping


A hangdrum being an interesting and simple musical instrument can be bought and purchased like any other musical device; it is usually falls within the price range of $500 - $10,000. It can be graded as pricing to some, but this is due to the quality of material used for its production.



Shipping is also an important factor, because not being a very popular instrument; it isn’t produced in a lot of place around the world. So before purchase put into consideration the possible cost of worldwide shipping, for better understand of the hangdrum purchase, please visit